Trial Section Courtrooms


                    Judge Janet Adams Brosnahan, Courtroom 2404

                    Judge Elizabeth M. Budzinski, Courtrooom 2110
                    Judge John P. Callahan, Courtroom 2304
                    Judge Ann Collins-Dole, Courtroom 2309
                    Judge Israel A. Desierto, Courtroom 2103
                    Judge Thomas Moore Donnelly, Courtroom 2307
                    Judge Edward S. Harmening, Courtroom 2606
                    Judge Arnette R. Hubbard, Courtroom 2101
                    Judge Bridget J. Hughes, Courtroom 2603
                    Judge Casandra Lewis, Courtroom 2812
                    Judge Thomas J. Lipscomb, Courtroom 2105
                    Judge Daniel Joseph Lynch, Courtroom 2106
                    Judge Thomas V. Lyons, Courtroom 2501
                    Judge Marcia Maras, Courtroom 2006
                    Judge Clare Elizabeth McWilliams, Courtroom 2310
                    Judge Mary R. Minella, Courtroom 1604
                    Judge Bridget A. Mitchell, Courtroom 1606
                    Judge Joan E. Powell, Courtroom 2506
                    Judge Lorna E. Propes, Courtroom 2104 
                    Judge Marguerite A. Quinn, Courtroom 1610
                    Judge Sandra G. Ramos, Courtroom 2401
                    Judge Mary Colleen Roberts, Courtroom 2811
                    Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., Courtroom 2407
                    Judge Maura Slattery Boyle, Courtroom 2504
                    Judge Irwin J. Solganick, Courtroom 2605 
                    Judge Rena Marie Van Tine, Courtroom 2303
                    Judge James M. Varga, Courtroom 2406
                    Judge Gregory J. Wojkowski, Courtroom 2306


In Re: COVID-19 Emergency Procedures

GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER 20-06: Extension of remote court operations in the Law Division until further order of court as necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic

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