General Chancery Calendars

Legal practitioners and self-represented litigants with cases pending in the Chancery Division can find the following information in this section: telephone numbers for judge’s chambers and staff information, room numbers, court schedules and standing orders, and court forms.

                                        Judge Thomas R. Allen, Calendar 10  
                                        Judge David B. Atkins, Calendar 16                  
                                        Judge Neil H. Cohen, Calendar 5                
                                        Judge Peter Flynn, Calendar 4
Judge Rodolfo Garcia, Calendar 2
                                        Judge Sophia H. Hall, Calendar 14
                                        Judge Moshe Jacobius, Presiding Judge, Calendar 12
                                        Judge Kathleen G. Kennedy, Calendar 11
Judge Diane Joan Larsen, Calendar 7
                                        Judge Anna Helen Demacopoulos, Calendar 13
                                        Judge Mary L. Mikva, Calendar 6
                                        Judge Rita M. Novak, Calendar 9
                                        Judge Kathleen M. Pantle, Calendar 15
                                        Judge Jean Prendergast Rooney, Calendar 8
Judge Franklin Ulyses Valderrama, Calendar 3
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