Judges Information

This section of the website provides you with a list of judges together with their courtroom location and room number, their telephone number and, where applicable, the judge’s coordinator’s name and phone number. This section also includes each judge’s standing order (if the judge has a standing order). A standing order is an order entered by the judge that instructs individuals and attorneys as to what the specific procedures and protocol are for that judge’s courtroom.

Lyle, Freddrenna M.
Circuit Judge
  Chancery and Elder Law & Miscellaneous Remedies   Daley Center
  Rm. 2808
  (312) 603-3900

Obbish, James Michael
Associate Judge
  Criminal and Elder Law and Miscellaneous Remedies   Leighton Criminal Court Building
  Rm. 706
  (773) 674-3173

Sullivan, Susan Kennedy
Circuit Judge
  Probate   Daley Center
  Rm. 1811
  (312) 603-6499

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