Commercial Calendar Section

Commercial Calendars hear cases, whether based upon theories of tort, contract or otherwise, that involve a commercial relationship between the parties. The number of cases assigned to each Commercial Calendar shall be as the Presiding Judge of the Law Division may from time to time designate.       

                Judge Margaret A. Brennan, Courtroom 2010, Calendar "N"                 
                Judge Jerry A. Esrig, Courtroom 2001, Calendar "S"
Judge John C. Griffin, Supervising Judge, Courtroom 1904, Calendar "T" 
                Judge Brigid Mary McGrath, Courtroom 1907, Calendar "U"    
                Judge Thomas R. Mulroy, Courtroom 1906, Calendar "I"
Judge Diane M. Shelley, Courtroom 1912, Calendar "W"            
                Judge Patrick J. Sherlock, Courtroom 2007, Calendar "Q" 
Judge James E. Snyder, Courtroom 2004, Calendar "Y"
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