This section of the website contains a list of all current judges with their assignments, courtrooms and telephone numbers.  Click on a judge’s name for additional information, including staff contacts, standing orders and forms, if applicable.  Please note, judges listed under “Appellate” are circuit judges temporarily assigned to serve as appellate judges on the Illinois Appellate Court, First District, by order of the Illinois Supreme Court.


Cobbs, Cynthia Y.
Circuit Judge
  Fourth   Appellate Court
  Rm. N1911
  (312) 793-4488

Gordon, Robert E.
Circuit Judge
  Fifth   Appellate Court
  Rm. S1708
  (312) 793-4841

Harris, Sheldon A.
Circuit Judge
  First   Appellate Court
  Rm. N1711
  (312) 793-4483

Lampkin, Bertina E.
Circuit Judge
  Sixth   Appellate Court
  Rm. S1505
  (312) 793-5408

Mason, Mary Anne
Circuit Judge
  Third   Appellate Court
  Rm. N1506
  (312) 793-5406

Mikva, Mary L.
Circuit Judge
  First   Appellate Court
  Rm. S1610
  (312) 793-1391

Pierce, Daniel J.
Circuit Judge
  Second   Appellate Court
  Rm. N1706
  (312) 793-5442

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