Juvenile Temporary Detention Center

Mission Statement

The JTDC community provides a safe and secure environment that
offers the highest quality of integrated services where youth are
challenged to make positive changes.

The Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) provides temporary secure housing for youth ages 10 through 16 who are awaiting adjudication of their cases in the Juvenile Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County. The Center also provides care for youth who have been transferred from the Juvenile Division jurisdiction to Criminal Division. These youth would otherwise be incarcerated in the county jail.

Located at 1100 S. Hamilton Ave. in Chicago, the JTDC is a  five-story, six-level facility. It is the largest free standing juvenile detention center in the nation and serves more than 4,000 juvenile annually.

Residents are screened and evaluated before they are assigned to one of nine (9) living centers. Each center has three (3) pods that have 16 to 18 beds each. The centers offer cognitive behavior training (CBT) along with token economy and balanced and restorative justice (BARJ) programming. (A token economy program reinforces residents’ positive behavior by giving tokens that can be exchanged for privileges, commissary items, or special visits.) 

The JTDC offers its residents:

·        Individual service plans for residents with goals monitored weekly.

    Chicago Public School classes under which residents can earn credits for grades 4  through 12

·         On-site 24-hour nursing care for minor illnesses and routine physical complaints

·         On-site pediatrician and dentist

·         On-site psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical social workers

·         Faith-based services and chaplaincy

·         Case management

·         Volunteer coordination

·         Structured and supplemental recreation

·         Gender relevant services

·         Certified food dietary consultation

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