Global Position System (GPS) Supervision 

Beginning in 2009, if an offender under supervision of the Social Service Department is found guilty of violating an order of protection, the court may order GPS monitoring as a condition of the sentence to conditional discharge. GPS supervision is administered by the Circuit Court of Cook County Adult Probation Department, with probation officers attaching a monitoring ankle bracelet to the offender prior to release from either the court house or the jail.

A stationary exclusionary zone is established which prohibits the offender from coming within 2,500 feet of a protected location listed on the victim’s order of protection. The offender is also ordered to maintain a distance of 2,500 feet away from the victim at all times regardless of the victim’s location.  A buffer zone of an additional 2,500 is added by the GPS system which will trigger a notification to the Adult Probation Department if the offender attempts to breach the buffer zone. The offender is held liable when the attempt is made to breach the exclusionary zone.

Additionally, the offender must carry a cellular phone at all times. If the offender does not own a cellular phone, a phone will be provided on a temporary basis to the offender by the Adult Probation Department. The phone is used to receive phone calls from the probation department regarding the offender’s location at any given time.

Victims are also offered the opportunity to participate in a mobile exclusionary zone program in which they are given a GPS device to carry; participation requires them to carry a cellular phone with them at all times.  In this program, victims will be contacted should the offender come within an exclusionary zone of 5,000 feet. If the victim wishes to participate in this portion of the GPS supervision program and does not own a cellular phone, a phone will be provided to them by the probation department for the duration of the offender’s GPS supervision. Should the victim choose not to carry a cellular phone, the victim can opt for a phone call from a land line from the probation department should an attempt at a breach occur. The victim also has the option of not wanting to be notified at all of the offender’s breach of the exclusionary zone.

If the offender enters an exclusionary zone, local law enforcement officers will contact the probation department who will send a response team to the location of the victim to ensure his or her safety. The officers will then contact the offender who will be ordered to report to court on the next date that court is in session. The probation department will provide information to the court and the Social Service Department regarding this violation. The court will determine whether there was a violation of the condition of the offender’s conditional discharge and will proceed accordingly.


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