The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, and the Public Interest Law Initiative are pleased to announce the launch of the first-ever legal help desk for civil appeals in our state, Illinois Free Legal Answers for Civil Appeals.  Free Legal Answers is a national initiative of the American Bar Association and operates as a virtual legal advice clinic for civil legal issues.

The program is available at  This virtual help desk will be staffed by attorneys with appellate experience and it will present an opportunity for litigants to ask questions of a lawyer about their civil appeal. You must meet income qualifications to use the program.  More information about the program, along with information and resources about civil appeals, can be found on the Illinois Courts website at: 

Here are some tips on submitting questions to Illinois Free Legal Answers for Civil Appeals:

  • If available, please attach a copy of the order or judgment you are appealing along with the question you submit via the website.  This will help in getting an answer more quickly.
  • Questions are answered as received and you can typically expect an answer within 5-7 days of submitting it.  If you have an immediate deadline, you will have the option to enter that deadline along with your question, so that it is flagged for a quicker response.
  • You should regularly check the email address you provided to register for the program.  All communication will be done via email (no in-person meetings or telephone calls) and if you do not respond to the pro bono lawyer within 10 days, your question will be marked as “closed” and no further communication can occur between you and the pro bono lawyer. 
  • DISCLAIMER:  This program does not provide legal representation for litigants. A pro bono lawyer cannot represent you in court, make calls on your behalf, or conduct legal research for you. The program also cannot assist you in a federal or criminal appeal.
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