6.4 Disposition of Pending Cases of Minors or Disabled Persons

The procedure to be followed in cases involving claims of minors or disabled persons pending in divisions other than the Probate Division shall be as follows:

(a) The judge hearing the case, upon the approval of a settlement as fair and reasonable or upon the entry of a judgment, shall adjudicate liens, determine the expenses, including attorneys' compensation, to be deducted from the settlement or judgment and shall determine the net amount distributable to the minor or disabled person.

(b) Except as otherwise limited by rule or statute, attorneys' compensation shall not exceed one-third of the recovery if the case is disposed of in the trial court by settlement or trial. If an appeal is perfected, the compensation to be paid to the attorney shall not in any event exceed one half of the recovery.

(c) The order approving the settlement or the order entering the judgment shall provide that the amount distributable to the minor or disabled person shall be paid only to a representative of the minor or disabled person appointed by the Probate Division and upon presentation of an order entered in the Probate Division approving the bond or other security required in connection therewith, except that if the amount distributable to the minor or disabled person does not exceed $10,000, and no representative has been appointed in the Probate Division, the judge hearing the case may by order provide for the distribution to a parent or person standing in loco parentis to the minor or to the spouse or relative having the responsibility of the support of the disabled person in accordance with the provisions of 755 ILCS 5/25-2.

(d) The distributable amount received by a representative of a minor or disabled person pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be accounted for and administered in the Probate Division as in any other estate of a minor or disabled person.

[Amended December 21, 2000, effective January 2, 2001.]

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