24.04 Conduct of the Mediation Session

(a) Persons Required to be Present

If a party is a public entity, that party shall be deemed to appear at a mediation session by the physical presence of: a.) a representative of the party with full authority to negotiate on behalf of the party and to recommend settlement to the appropriate decision-making body; and b.) the parties’ counsel of record. With respect to parties who are not public entities, unless otherwise stipulated by all parties or ordered by the court, a party shall be deemed to appear at a mediation session if all of the following persons are physically present:

1.    The party, or in the event a party is not a natural person, a representative of a party having full authority to negotiate a settlement on behalf of the party; and,


2.   The parties’ court-appointed guardian, if any; or counsel of record for the parties’ court-appointed guardian;


3.   The representative for the decedent’s estate, if any; or counsel for the representative for the decedent’s estate;


4.   The court-appointed guardian ad litem, but only if required to attend by court order.

If a party fails to appear at a mediation session without good cause, the court upon motion may impose sanctions against the party failing to appear. Such sanctions may include an assessment of the attorneys’ fees incurred by the other parties in preparing for and attending the mediation session and the fees of the mediator for preparing for and attending the mediation session.

(b)  Communication with Parties

The mediator may, during the course of the mediation, speak privately to one or more of the parties outside the presence of other parties.

         (c) Counsel

Parties and their respective counsel shall be permitted to confer privately at any time.

         (d) Adjournments

The mediator may adjourn the mediation session at any time and may set times for reconvening the adjourned session. The mediator shall confirm in writing to all parties the date, time and place for reconvening the adjourned session.

   (e) Mediation

Upon the motion of any party, the court may enter the order terminating mediation at any time for good cause shown.

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