19A.11 Modification of an Order

(A) A motion asking that an order previously entered by the courts should be modified shall:

(1) be headed with the caption of the case;

(2) be titled "Motion to Modify an Order (name of order) entered (date of order)";

(3) state the part of the order to be modified, clearly indicating, when applicable, the section by letter or number, the modification sought, the reason(s) for the modification, and that the modification is in the best interest of the minor;

(4) if necessary, attach an affidavit stating further facts in support of the motion.

(B) Order

The order entered on the motion shall state:

(1) whether the motion is granted or denied;

(2) that the order is in the best interest of the minor;

(3) the name of the order being modified;

(4) the date the order being modified was entered;

(5) the provision of the order being vacated, if any; and

(6) the modification.

(C) A motion to modify and modification order shall not be used to change the placement of a minor.

[Adopted December 31, 1992, effective January 4, 1993.]

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