19A.12 Discovery

(A) Limited Discovery Upon First Court Appearance

Upon the first court appearance by counsel for respondent, the state shall provide counsel with any documents used to provide information supporting the allegations in the petition including but not limited to the DCFS Request for Filing Abuse/Neglect Petition and any similar documents.

(B) Limited Discovery Subsequent to the First Court Appearance

Discovery limited to written requests for information, documents, records, or evidence available for inspection, testing, copying or photographing may be undertaken between the parties without the leave of court. Any party receiving such a written request shall, within ten days, excluding weekends and court holidays, comply with the request or provide a written explanation of the reasons for non-compliance to the parties and the court.

(C) Judicial Management of Discovery

All provisions for discovery set out in the Supreme Court Rules are enforceable in the Juvenile Division for good cause shown at the discretion of the court.

[Adopted December 31, 1992, effective January 4, 1993.]

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