6.2 Satisfaction of Money Judgment Where Judgment Creditor Cannot Be Found

(a) Motion to satisfy - A money judgment may be satisfied by the court upon written motion of the debtor supported by affidavit stating:

(i) the amount, stating the judgment balance, the accrued interest, and costs;

(ii) that after the exercise of due diligence the judgment creditor and his attorney cannot be found or that the judgment creditor or his attorney fails or refuses to deliver a satisfaction of judgment upon being tendered the amount due; and

(iii) that notice of the motion has been sent by mail to the judgment creditor and his attorney at their last known addresses.

(b) Order of satisfaction - Upon granting the motion, the court shall enter an order directing the clerk to receive the amount of the judgment with accrued interest and costs for the judgment creditor. After payment, the court shall enter an order satisfying the judgment and showing the amount deposited with the clerk.

[Amended October 31, 1977, effective November 1, 1977.]