11.4 Community Service

(a) All defendants sentenced to community service shall be processed as follows:

(i) The defendant shall be directed to contact the Social Service Department. The Social Service Department will direct the defendant to the appropriate community service program pursuant to the court order. All defendants who are subject by statute to mandatory community service sentences shall be directed to the Sheriff's Community Service Program.

(ii) If a defendant is evaluated as inappropriate for either community service program, the Social Service Department will immediately notify the prosecuting authority. The case will be recalled for reconsideration of the sentence.

(iii) A progress report shall be made to the court regarding the defendant's placement and progress in the community service program as required by the court.

(iv) On the termination date of sentence, the defendant shall appear in court with evidence of the successful completion of all aspects of the court's order.

(b) The defendant shall pay the reasonable costs associated with community service activities ordered by the court whether the agency providing the community service activity is the Sheriff of Cook County or the Social Service Department of the Circuit Court of Cook County. Each community service agency shall establish a schedule of fees and shall uniformly assess fees based upon the defendant's ability to pay.

(c) Defendants who have not satisfactorily completed community service may be resentenced to community service at the discretion of the court and with such modifications as the court deems appropriate.

[Amended, effective March 26, 1992.]