11.6 Monitoring

(a) In all cases where a defendant is placed on Supervision or Conditional Discharge for an alcohol/drug-related misdemeanor driving offense, the Sentencing Order shall indicate that the defendant is to be monitored on a reporting basis by the Social Service Department or their designee. The defendant placed on Supervision or Conditional Discharge shall pay all reasonable costs assessed by the monitoring agency for such monitoring, in addition to fines, costs, surcharges and/or restitution as ordered by the sentencing court.

(b) The monitoring agency shall provide written reports to the sentencing court pursuant to the sentencing order. A final report shall be filed with the court on the scheduled date for termination.

(c) The monitoring agency shall promptly report in writing to the prosecuting authority any violation of the sentencing order or the requirements of the monitoring agency. All violations shall be reported as soon as discovered or no later than thirty (30) days prior to the date of termination of sentence. Nothing herein shall prevent the filing of a violation at any time prior to the termination of the sentence. Upon filing of a Petition for Violation, said petition shall be set for hearing within the period prescribed by law.

[Amended, effective March 26, 1992.]