19A.1 Petition and Supplemental Petition

(A) Form of the Petition or Supplemental Petition

(1) Every action in the abuse, neglect and dependency section of the Juvenile Division shall be commenced by the filing of a Petition for the Adjudication of Wardship. Allegations may be added by filing a supplemental petition.

(2) Each petition shall be verified, but the statements may be on information and belief. The verification shall be signed by an appropriate staff member of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, or other informant.

(3) The State's Attorney or other attorney representing the petitioner, if represented, shall sign the petition.

(4) The form of the petition in Appendix A shall be used.

(5) The petition shall include in its caption the most important allegation and statutory citation. If available, include in the petition (a) the family folder number; (b) the attorney code; (c) the key date of Department of Children and Family Services staff member assigned to the case, (d) DCFS identification number.

(B) Time and Procedure for Filing a Supplemental Petition

(1) Within the fourteen (14) day period following the filing of the original petition, any party may file a supplemental petition without leave of court. Notice shall be given to all parties and the Department of Children and Family Services.

(2) After expiration of the fourteen (14) day period, Notice of Motion for Leave to file a supplemental petition, shall be given to all parties and Department of Children and Family Services.

[Adopted December 31, 1992, effective January 4, 1993.]