19A.5 Adjudication of Wardship

(A) Time of Hearing

(1) Hearing shall be held within 90 days of service of process upon the parents of the minor, any guardian or legal custodian;

(2) Continuances of the hearing may be obtained for a period not to exceed 30 days, unless all parties consent and the court approves.

(B) Stipulations and Admissions

(1) Parties are encouraged to stipulate to facts not in dispute;

(2) Before accepting a stipulation or admission, the court shall determine that the parties understand the content and consequences of the admission or stipulation, and that they voluntarily consent;

(3) Written copies of the admission or stipulation shall be filed, and provided to parties and their counsel.

(C) Order and Findings of Fact

(1) The written order shall specify the statutory sections found to have been violated;

(2) Following the close of evidence and argument the Court may reserve ruling for a period not to exceed five days. The court may enter any findings of fact in writing or orally into the record.

[Adopted December 31, 1992, effective January 4, 1993.]