Released on 11/21/2017

Please see the below statement from Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans:

"The manner in which the President and County Board imposed 156 layoffs on the operations under the authority of the Chief Judge is unprecedented.

"The Office of the Chief Judge retains the authority to determine how to best staff the Circuit Court and its operations, and the County Board decides the funding level to support those operations. That is how it has traditionally worked under Illinois law. The layoff list approved by the County Board strays from this reality and creates an unprecedented level of uncertainty for how any independently elected official handles employment decisions in Cook County.

"Furthermore, the Circuit Court of Cook County accounts for 7.6 percent of the overall county budget, but we are unfairly and disproportionately bearing 48 percent of the layoff total. As a result, the court is about to suffer losses in several areas, including the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center and probation services that monitor both adults and juveniles in the community – during and after the time the cases are pending.

"We are well aware of the impact that these layoffs will have on the judiciary, its employees and the public. As a result, we are considering our legal options, and we expect to say more on this matter early next week."

Released on 03/03/2015

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Released on 02/10/2015

Executive Committee action on judge over Judicial Inquiry Board complaint
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