Executive Committee reassigns judge

Released On 03/04/2020

Pursuant to action taken Wednesday by the Executive Committee of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Circuit Judge Jackie Marie Portman-Brown has been reassigned to administrative duties. The assignment is effective until further notice.

The committee is aware that a security camera at the Leighton Criminal Court Building recorded Judge Portman-Brown placing a child relative into an empty lockup. On February 26, Chief Judge Evans directed Criminal Division Presiding Judge LeRoy K. Martin Jr. to assign Judge Portman-Brown to administrative duties.

The Executive Committee has now determined that Judge Portman-Brown is to report to the First Municipal District (Richard J. Daley Center) to perform administrative duties. The Executive Committee further believes it has a duty to report this matter to the Judicial Inquiry Board. In addition, Judge Portman-Brown will receive mentoring.

The members of the Executive Committee are:            

Honorable Timothy C. Evans, Chief Judge and Committee Chair

Honorable Grace G. Dickler, Presiding Judge, Domestic Relations Division

Honorable James P. Flannery Jr., Presiding Judge, Law Division

Honorable Sophia H. Hall, Presiding Judge, Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Resource Section

Honorable Moshe Jacobius, Presiding Judge, Chancery Division

Honorable John P. Kirby, Presiding Judge, Pretrial Division

Honorable Daniel B. Malone, Presiding Judge, Probate Division

Honorable LeRoy K. Martin Jr., Presiding Judge, Criminal Division

Honorable Patricia M. Martin, Presiding Judge, Child Protection Division

Honorable Sharon M. Sullivan, Presiding Judge, County Division

Honorable Michael P. Toomin, Presiding Judge, Juvenile Justice Division

Honorable Raul Vega, Presiding Judge, Domestic Violence Division

Honorable E. Kenneth Wright Jr., Presiding Judge, First Municipal District

Honorable Shelley Sutker-Dermer, Presiding Judge, Second Municipal District

Honorable Jill C. Marisie, Presiding Judge, Third Municipal District

Honorable Cheyrl D. Ingram, Presiding Judge, Fourth Municipal District

Honorable Raymond L. Jagielski, Presiding Judge, Fifth Municipal District

Honorable Tommy Brewer, Presiding Judge, Sixth Municipal District


A judge may be temporarily reassigned to restricted or other than judicial duties whenever there are charges or implications of improper conduct, depending on the severity and nature, under “Illinois Supreme Court Rule 56. Temporary Assignment to Other Duties.” In the Circuit Court of Cook County, administrative duties can include performing legal research, conducting marriage ceremonies and reviewing petitions for reduced court-filing fees for indigent parties.



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