Associate Judge Oliver M. Spurlock

Released On 12/03/2001

The following statement was issued by Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans:

I have been notified by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts of the decision by the Courts Commission concerning Associate Judge Oliver M. Spurlock. Under the Illinois State Constitution, the Courts Commission is empowered to hear complaints filed by the Judicial Inquiry Board and has the authority, after notice and public hearing, to take any of the following actions against a judge or associate judge found in violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct: removal from office, suspension with or without pay and censure or reprimand.

The Courts Commission is established by the Illinois Constitution to deal with matters concerning allegations against judges. It is the disciplinary arm of the Illinois Constitution as to the conduct of judges. A majority of the members of the Commission have deliberated and have reached their decision that Associate Judge Spurlock violated the Code of Judicial Conduct and should be removed from office.

The integrity and independence of the judiciary must be preserved and the Illinois Constitution provides further that the decision of the Commission is final.

I respect the Commission's authority with respect to Associate Judge Spurlock as it has ordered his removal from judicial office 30 days from the filing of the order and I expect that this court will be in full compliance with the Commission's order.




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