Expedited Child Support Children's Advocacy Room renovations completed
Released on 5/11/2012 12:41:38 PM

Circuit Court of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans is pleased to announce the completion of expansion and renovations to the Circuit Court of Cook County's Children's Advocacy Room that operates in conjunction with the court's Expedited Child Support office located on the 14th Floor at 32 West Randolph in Chicago.

Chief Judge Evans praised Domestic Relations Division Presiding Judge Moshe Jacobius and Director of Expedited Child Support Yehuda Lebovits for their efforts to expedite the renovations.

The Children's Advocacy Room at 32 West Randolph originally opened in 1997 as an extension of the general waiting area where children had to be monitored at all times by a parent or guardian. The room is now fully enclosed and children are able to stay with trained professionals while their parents or guardians attend to court business that could include potentially damaging testimony. Approximately 70 children per week use the Children's Advocacy Room at 32 West Randolph.

The Expedited Child Support office administers the Expedited Hearing Process. Hearing officers make recommendations to judges to ensure that all children receive prompt and regular child support payments and also make recommendations on parentage and medical support orders.

Features of the facility include educational games, toys, children's furniture, a television and VCR, a radio, and other enhancements that have transformed the space into a welcoming environment for children and their families.

The renovations were completed at no cost to the Cook County Circuit Court or the State of Illinois. The Chicago Building Maintenance Corporation, the owners of the building, paid for all renovations.

In addition to the Children's Advocacy Room located at 32 West Randolph, the Circuit Court of Cook County operates seven other sites throughout the county. They are located in the following court facilities: the Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street; the Mediation Center, 69 West Washington Street; Juvenile Court, Art and Nature Room, 1100 South Hamilton Avenue; Domestic Relations Court Independent Order of Protection, 28 North Clark Street; Domestic Violence Court, the Children's Advocacy Room and Clinic, 1340 South Michigan Avenue; the Loyola Children's Center in the Fourth Municipal District in Maywood; and the Sixth Municipal District in Markham.