Court to resume in Third Municipal District tomorrow
Released on 5/11/2012 3:07:48 PM

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans and Third Municipal District Presiding Judge Joseph J. Urso have announced court activities will resume tomorrow, November 1, 2001, in the Circuit Court of Cook County's Third Municipal District courthouse in Rolling Meadows. Court activities at that location had been canceled today due to the discovery of a powdery white substance within two washrooms in the court facility.

"Judge Urso and I canceled today's court schedule in the Rolling Meadows courthouse because we did not want to expose the public and courthouse personnel to any danger," said Chief Judge Evans. "With the nation currently under a heightened state of alert to acts of terrorism, we thought it best take appropriate measures to protect the safety of persons having business with the court," Chief Judge Evans added.

"I have been advised by Karen L. Scott, MD, MPH, the Director of the Cook County Department of Public Health, based upon an inspection by a member of her staff, that the incident does not represent an anthrax exposure and that the building is safe to be open," said Chief Judge Evans.

Judge Urso said, "By administrative order, all cases that were set for hearings today or for persons in custody will be continued until tomorrow. Traffic charges will be continued to the another court date and all parties will be notified in writing. Persons seeking to address emergency matters may still do so this afternoon at the Rolling Meadows courthouse," he added.