Traffic court section added to Circuit Court's web site
Released on 5/11/2012 4:00:36 PM

Cook County Chief Judge Donald P. O'Connell and Chicago Traffic Center Supervising Judge Patrick E. McGann today announced general information concerning traffic violations cases can now be accessed online under the new Traffic Court section of the Circuit Court's web site

"The Circuit Court remains committed to using electronic access to provide the public and members of the legal community with a broad range of general court information," said Chief Judge O'Connell, adding that the new section on traffic court joins the web site's other sections on jury information, court programs and services, court rules and orders, informational publications and a directory of judges and court locations.

Chief Judge O'Connell continued, "The online Traffic Court section is organized to function as a hands-on guide for defendants issued traffic violations tickets in Cook County. The web site's navigation takes the browser quickly and easily to the information he or she needs to find out court policies and procedures for resolving tickets as well as helpful information on related traffic court issues."

A detailed explanation of what to do when a person receives a ticket, including step-by-step directions on mail-in fine procedures and court appearances is presented. Also included among the topics covered are the rights of all defendants in traffic violations cases, policies governing court supervision and continuances, driver's license sanctions and suspensions and driving under the influence (DUI) court procedures. There are also special sections devoted to Traffic Safety School eligibility and frequently asked questions.

Judge McGann thanked Chief Judge O'Connell for his leadership and support in expanding the court's web site to include a section on traffic court. "I am grateful for the opportunity Chief Judge O'Connell has provided to help de-mystify the operation of traffic court, which is assuredly the busiest section of the court."

Judge McGann also noted that the Traffic Court section will be updated frequently as changes in traffic court policies and procedures occur so the information remains current.

The Circuit Court of Cook County's web site was launched April 27, 2000. The site received 269,987 recorded hits for April 2001.