GENERAL ORDER NO. 3.1,1.9 - Management of the Random Assignment System

a. A Management Committee is hereby established for the Chancery Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County

(i) The Committee shall be composed of the Chief Judge or his designee, the Presiding Judge of the Division and two other Chancery Division judges appointed by the Chief Judge. The Committee shall meet bimonthly or more frequently as necessary.

(ii) It shall be the duty of the Management Committee to :

(a) review the operation of the Random Assignment System,

(b) from time to time review audits conducted by the Clerk,

(c) recommend to the Chief Judge changes in the operation of the Random Assignment System, in the General Order establishing such system and in the audit procedures established by the Clerk, and

(d) perform such other duties as the Chief Judge shall assign.

(iii) (a) The Management Committee may direct the Clerk to discontinue the assignment of cases to any numbered calendar of the Chancery Division when the judge assigned to that calendar requests in writing that no additional cases be assigned to his calendar, stating the reason therefor.

(b) A statement of the Committee's action allowing or denying the request together with the reasons therefor shall be delivered to the Chief Judge.

(c) Any order discontinuing the assignment of cases to a particular calendar shall be reviewed by the Management Committee every 30 days. If such order is extended after review, a written report stating the reason for such action shall be delivered to the Chief Judge.

(iv) If the Management Committee determines that a case was dismissed or abandoned and a subsequent case has been filed involving the same or similar parties and relating to the same subject matter, the second case or any such succeeding cases may be reassigned to the calendar to which the first case filed was assigned.

b. The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County shall establish procedures to audit the assignment of cases by the Random Assignment System established herein.

[Amended, effective June 2, 1980.]