9.7 Revocation or Suspension

(a) Summary Revocation or Suspension - The chief judge may revoke or suspend the said authority summarily without notice when in his opinion:

(i) The deposit of a guarantor is impaired for any reason.

(ii) Any judgments or bond forfeitures have remained unpaid after 60 days from the date of the effective date thereof. Notice of such summary revocation or suspension shall be given by mail at the address listed in the petition for authorization.

(b) Revocation or Suspension for Cause - The chief judge may, upon his own motion or upon request of any person, at any time enter a rule to show cause why the said authorization should not be revoked or suspended for any one or more of the following reasons:

(i) For violation of any of the provisions of these rules.

(ii) Upon conviction of any criminal offense under the laws of the State of Illinois or under the laws of the United States, or any other state.

(iii) Upon being adjudged bankrupt or insolvent.

(iv) For any interference or attempted interference with the administration of justice.

(v) For any fraudulent, sharp or dishonest practices.

(vi) For any material misstatement made in the application to secure an order to act as surety or guarantor.

(vii) Failure to report any change of status as surety or guarantor since the date of authorization, which fact, if known, would have made such applicant ineligible for authorization to act as surety or guarantor under these rules.

(viii) Failure without justification to discharge an obligation without delay when liability became absolute or was determined by final judgment, or interposed a frivolous or unmeritorious defense upon a bond executed by the surety or guarantor.

The order entering the rule shall set a date for hearing upon the return of the rule. The clerk of the court shall furnish the sheriff of Cook County, Illinois, with a certified copy of the rule to be served upon the surety or guarantor together with a notice of the entry of the rule and of the date set for hearing upon the return of the rule. The return shall make answer to the charges contained in the rule in addition to such other information as may be required by said order. Upon hearing, the chief judge may enter an order revoking or suspending the authority of said surety or guarantor together with such other orders he may deem appropriate.

[Adopted March 18, 1987, effective April 1, 1987.]

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