18.4 Appointment, Qualification, and Compensation of Arbitrators (S. Ct. Rule 87)

(a) Applicants shall be eligible for appointment to serve as members of an arbitration panel, other than as chairpersons, by filing with the Arbitration Administrator an application form certifying that the applicant:

(1) has attended a mandatory arbitration seminar, and

(2) has read and is informed of the rules of the Supreme Court and the Act relating to mandatory arbitration, and

(3) is presently licensed to practice law in Illinois, and

(4) has engaged in the practice of law in Illinois for a minimum of three (3) years; or is a retired judge.

(b) Applicants, who further certify in their applications that they have engaged in trial practice in Illinois for a minimum of five (5) years, or who are retired judges, shall be eligible to serve as chairpersons.

(c) The Arbitration Administrator shall maintain an alphabetical list of persons qualified to serve as arbitrators who shall be assigned on a rotating basis. The Arbitration Administrator shall also maintain a list of those persons who have indicated on their application a willingness to serve on an emergency basis. Such individuals, when appointed to serve, shall also be assigned on a rotating basis.

(d) Except for those persons requested to serve on an emergency basis, all other persons assigned as arbitrators shall received not less than sixty (60) days notice of the date, time and place of service.

(e) Upon completion of each day of service, the Arbitration Administrator shall process the appropriate vouchers for the prompt payment of the arbitrators.

(f) The Arbitration Administrator and the Presiding Judge (or Presiding Judge's designee) shall periodically review the eligibility of attorneys currently on the alphabetical list of persons qualified to serve as arbitrators and may suspend or revoke arbitrators' eligibility within their discretion when necessary.

[Amended February 24, 2003, effective February 24, 2003.]

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