18.6 Conduct of Arbitration Hearings (S. Ct. Rule 90)

(a) The Supervising Judge for Arbitration shall have full supervisory powers with regard to questions arising in any arbitration proceeding, including the application of these rules.

(b) A stenographic record or a recording of the hearing shall not be made unless a party does so at his/her own expense. If a party has a stenographic record or a recording made, a copy shall be furnished to any other party requesting same upon payment of a proportionate share of the total cost of making the record or recordings.

(c) A statement or affidavit of a witness which may be presumptively admissible under Supreme Court Rule 90 (c) must include the name and address of the witness.

(d) Witness fees and costs shall be in the same amount and shall be paid by the same party or parties, as provided for in trials in the Circuit Court of Cook County, except as otherwise provided by Rule 90(e).

[Amended July 30, 2001, effective August 1, 2001.]

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