0.5 Soliciting and Loitering Prohibited

(a) Solicitation of business relating to bail bonds or to employment as counsel in the courthouses is prohibited.

(b) Loitering in or about the rooms or corridors of the courthouses is prohibited. Unapproved group congregating or the causing of a disturbance or nuisance in the courthouses of the Circuit Court of Cook County is prohibited. Picketing or parading outside of the building housing the Court within the immediate proximity of the Court is prohibited only when such picketing or parading obstruct or impede the orderly administration of justice.

(c) The Sheriff of Cook County, his deputies, and the Custodian of the courthouses shall enforce this rule, either by ejecting violators from the courthouses or by causing them to appear before one of the judges of this court for a hearing and for imposition of such punishment as the court may deem proper.

[Adopted May 17, 1976, effective July 1, 1976.]

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