0.3 Records

(a) Forms of entries. The Chief Judge shall superintend the keeping of the records of the Circuit Court of Cook County and prescribe abbreviated forms of entries therein of the proceedings, orders and judgments of said court, which abbreviated forms so prescribed shall have the same force and effect as if said proceedings, orders and judgments were entered in full on the records of said court in the forms heretofore customary in courts of record of this state. Any entry of a final order or judgment shall be deemed sufficient which will inform any person of ordinary intelligence what the court intended to order or adjudge, and it shall not be necessary to the validity of such final order or judgment that the record should recite all the preliminary proceedings leading up to such final order or judgment, but all such necessary preliminary proceedings shall be presumed to have been taken in the absence of anything appearing in the record of the case to the contrary.

(b) Half-sheets. The Chief Judge may also prescribe that a half-sheet, a memorandum of papers filed, proceedings, orders and judgments, shall be kept by the Clerk in such cases as may be directed.

(c) Pursuant to the authority conferred upon the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court by the Constitution of the State of Illinois, the authority of 705 ILCS 105/22, and the inherent authority of the Court to control the record keeping of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Chief Judge is authorized to create a committee composed of judges of the Circuit Court for the purpose of examining the record keeping of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The committee shall study the record keeping of the Clerk of the Circuit Court and shall make recommendations to the Chief Judge regarding the same. The Chief Judge shall then enter orders or give directions regarding the keeping of the records.

[Amended September 28, 1995, effective October 2, 1995.]

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