21.05 Completion of Mediation

(A) Events Constituting Completion of Mediation

Mediation will be considered to have been completed only on the happening of one of the following events:

(1) The entry by the parties into a written full or partial settlement agreement;

(2) Certification by the mediator that the mediation has been concluded without the parties reaching any agreement; or

(3) Entry of an order by the court, on the motion of any party, terminating the mediation for good cause shown.

(B) Full or Partial Agreement

All agreements reached, whether full or partial, will be reduced to writing and signed by each of the parties. The agreement is enforceable in the same manner as any other written contract.

(C) Completion of Mediation on Entry into Written Settlement Agreement or Partial Written Settlement Agreement

On completion of the mediation, the parties will file Form 4 (Memorandum of Agreement/ No Agreement) and the mediator will file Form 5 (Mediator Report) with the court.

[Dated July 29, 2013, effective August 1, 2013.]

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