Adoption and Family Support Services

The mission of Cook County Department of Adoption and Family Support Services (DAFSS) is to serve the welfare and best interest of families, involved in independent adoptions, and contested probate and parental responsibility hearings by conducting a home based social investigation that aid courts and families in decision making, support the reduction of family conflict, and assist with the final determination of independent adoptions. The home study provides an examination of the home environment; family history; parental relationships; as well as medical, economic, and child wellbeing. Based upon interviews, family observations and document reviews (when available), recommendations are included in the final home study report tendered to the court and relevant parties. The report may address issues regarding parenting time, parental responsibility, family support services and the best interest of the child concerning independent adoptions.

DAFSS conducts home based social investigations typically at the homes of both parents. Parents are asked to identify family issues, discuss the ability to co-parent, and express their wishes for the outcome of the case. During the home study, caseworkers briefly interview all the residents in the parental home and conduct a walk-through of the home, noting if the home appears appropriate. Additionally, if age appropriate, the child(ren) are also interviewed regarding school environment and home life experiences with both parents.

DAFFS becomes involved in a case by court referral only, meaning if you are interested in their services you will need to request that the court order them to participate. This request must be made via a properly filed written motion.

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