Expanded Remote Facilitator Program

Volunteer attorneys are on call and available to help explain how you can access the courts during COVID-19. If you do not have an attorney and need help with any of the following, volunteer attorneys are available to help you:

(a) Request a remote prove-up date (setting up the court date to finalize your divorce once you have all of your paperwork ready

(b) Submit emergency motions and petitions;

(c) Set a remote hearing date on a motion on which you and the other side do not agree;

(d) Set a remote pre-trial conference;

(e) Submit Agreed Orders, Parenting Plans, and Judgments for entry by a judge; and

(f) Find forms prepared by the court.

The volunteer attorneys can help explain the process of setting up court dates and submitting documents to the court. The volunteer attorneys cannot give you legal advice on your underlying issues. Specifically, the volunteer attorneys:

(1) Do not represent litigants in court;

(2) Do not provide ongoing services in contested cases;

(3) Do not have an attorney-client relationship with any individuals they assist;

(4) Do not assist you with the form or content of any motions or petitions filed by you;

(5) Do not e-file documents with the court, and

(6) Do not provide legal advice as to how to proceed with your case



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