Court-Annexed Civil Mediation

Mediation is a method of settling lawsuits outside of court. Under Major Case Court-annexed Civil Mediation, a judge can order parties in civil cases to submit to mediation. As a neutral third party, the mediator acts as a link between the parties to resolve their dispute.

Throughout the course of negotiations, the mediator conducts confidential settlement talks focusing on the issues in dispute, identifying parties' interests and needs, and generating settlement options. Ultimately, the parties decide which issues are important to them and whether they can resolve them in mediation. The parties are under no obligation to settle during mediation, and if no settlement is reached, the case is returned to court.
The following information is presented in this section:
  • an explanation of the court-annexed civil mediation process organized by topic
  • Circuit Court of Cook County Rule 20 
  • various court-annexed civil mediation forms and orders
  • search for mediators mediation
  • training programs
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