Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Department

The Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Department was created in January 1995. It was originally known as the Juvenile Justice Division and functioned as a part of the County Department.

The establishment of the Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Department marked the first restructuring of the Circuit Court of Cook County in its thirty-year history.

The department is divided into two divisions: Juvenile Justice and Child Protection. Each division is headed by a presiding judge.

The Juvenile Justice Division hears cases involving delinquent minors under 18 years of age and promotes a system of treatment for these minors that responds to the issues of delinquent behavior. This treatment system is designed to protect the community, impose accountability for delinquent behavior, and equip minors with competencies to live responsibly and productively.  

Cases heard include:
  • Proceedings to determine is a minor has violated any federal or state law, county or municipal ordinance
  • Proceedings for minors addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Proceedings for minors requiring authoritative intervention (runaways or those beyond the control of a parent, guardian or custodian)

The Child Protection Division hears cases involving:

  • child abuse
  • child neglect
  • child dependency
  • private guardianship
  • termination of parental rights
  • orders of protection filed in conjunction with another Child Protection proceeding

The Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Resource Section serves as liaison to the academic, business and religious communities to identify and develop services and resources that will augment programs vital to juvenile justice. The section is supervised by an administrative presiding judge and is located in the Richard J. Daley Center.
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