Payment Information

If you select Option A or Option B and choose to pay by mail, you must sign the guilty plea form where indicated, and:
  • Mark the "PAYMENT ENCLOSED" box on the envelope.
  • Make the check or money order payable to the Clerk of the Circuit Court with the ticket number(s) written on the check or money order. (Current Illinois law does not allow payment by credit card.)
  • Mail the check or money order for the total amount due along with the guilty plea form and Traffic Safety School registration, if applicable, to the Clerk of the Circuit Court within seven days.
Your payment will be processed and your driver's license or bond card along with a receipt for payment will be returned. Keep this receipt for two years. Information concerning attendance at the Traffic Safety School will be sent separately.

Is your return address correct?
If you have a new address, please make certain you have checked the "I HAVE MOVED" box and enter the correct address on the envelope before mailing. This should be done in all cases where the address written by the officer is not where you wish to receive your mail.

Please mark this box and provide complete information if your apartment or unit number is missing or incorrect. Please note that the United States Postal Service will not deliver mail to a multi-unit building unless an apartment or unit number is included.

Information concerning changing your address on the Illinois Secretary of State records can be found at:
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