Auto Emission - "18" Suspension

An "18" suspension arises when the defendant has failed to comply with the requirements of the vehicle emission and inspection laws.

In order to reinstate your license, you must: 

If your car is operative:

  • Take your car to an emission facility to be tested.
  • Once your car passes the test, the facility will notify the Illinois Secretary of State.
  • The Illinois Secretary of State will reinstate your license. This takes approximately three days.

If you sold your car or it is no longer operative:

  • Contact the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at (217)785-7449 or the Illinois EPA Emission Hotline at (847)758-3400, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for further information.

After the matter has been rectified by having the vehicle inspected or by providing acceptable information why the vehicle cannot be presented for inspection, allow three days for the suspension to clear. Written verification that the suspension has been terminated will be mailed to the last address on file with the Illinois Secretary of State. Verification that the suspension has been terminated can also be obtained by calling the Illinois Secretary of State at (800) 252-8980.

Seven-Day Trip Permits: Seven-Day Trip Permits can be issued by the Illinois Secretary of State for the purpose of providing temporary authorization to operate vehicles after the vehicle registration has been suspended for non-compliance with the emission inspection requirements. A Seven-Day Trip Permit only allows vehicles to be driven to a repair facility and to an emission inspection station. The permit is not used for general transportation.

Seven days should be sufficient time to have the vehicle repaired and inspected. If additional time is required, another Seven-Day Trip Permit can be purchased for $10.00 per permit. The trip permits are issued by any full-service Illinois Secretary of State facility. Bring the applicable fee and the most current vehicle registration when applying for the permit. Any questions regarding the trip permit can be directed to the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State at (800) 252-8980.

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