Failure to Appear - "09" Suspension

This is the most common reason for a suspended license violation in this court. This suspension occurs in those instances where a defendant has given his or her driver's license as bail or executed a promise to comply when issued a traffic ticket and has failed to attend court or respond to the citation. The suspension remains in effect until the driver goes to court and responds to the previously issued citation and the driver record is updated.

In order to reinstate your license, you must resolve your old ticket(s).

If your ticket was issued in Cook County:

  • Contact the courthouse where the matter is pending and make arrangements to appear or to pay the ticket.
  • Once you pay the fine for the ticket, you will receive a receipt, a transcript or both.
  • You must mail or bring this receipt, transcript or both to the Illinois Secretary of State along with a $70.00 reinstatement fee (see address below).

        First Muncipal District
        Richard J. Daley Center
        Room LL 01
        Chicago, IL 60602
        (312) 603-2000

        Second Municipal District 
        5600 Old Orchard Road 
        Skokie, IL 60008
        (847) 470-5064 

        Third Municipal District
        2121 Euclid
        Rolling Meadows, IL 60077
        (847) 818-3000 

        Fourth Municipal District 
        1500 Maybrook Drive 
        Maywood, IL 60153 
        (708) 865-6040 

        Fifth Municipal District 
        10220 South 76th Avenue
        Bridgeview, IL 60455
        (708) 974-6500

        Sixth Municipal District 
        16501 South Kedzie Parkway
        Markham, IL 60426
        (708) 210-4551

If your ticket was issued in any other county in Illinois or outside Illinois:

  • Contact the Traffic Violations Section of the Illinois Secretary of State (217) 785-8619 for information on how to resolve your ticket.
  • Be prepared to give your driver's license number.

Your license will be suspended until the ticket is resolved. Please note the total process can take two months, so you are advised to start immediately. 

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10th Floor
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(312) 793-1010
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