The Circuit Court of Cook County has two departments dedicated to the oversight and provision of services to adults who have received a sentence of probation.  They are:

These two departments provide supervision under the following three conditions set by the court:


Conditional discharge is a form of deferred adjudication in which the sentence is served with probationary conditions attached, under which the full penalty of the sentence may be imposed if a violation of the terms of conditional discharge occurs.  A conviction exists on an individual’s criminal record when sentenced to conditional discharge.


Court supervision is a sentencing disposition which is made after a guilty plea or a finding of guilt after trial. Court supervision is an available option for almost all traffic cases, petty offenses, and most misdemeanors. It is not a sentencing option for felonies.  A period of court supervision is similar to a continuance in that, pending full compliance with the terms and conditions of the sentence, the charges are then dismissed, and the conviction does not become part of the individual’s criminal record.


Probation is a sentencing alternative which allows a defendant who has been found guilty or pled guilty to a crime to be released into the community. A person can receive probation for a felony, certain misdemeanors, and driving offenses. The individual sentenced to probation is given provisional freedom based on the compliance of the individual with the conditions set by the court. Failure to comply with conditions of probation can result in incarceration. A sentence of probation exists on an individual’s criminal record.

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