Operating under the Office of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, the Adult Probation Department administers a wide range of programs covering both standard and specialized probationer supervision and pretrial and presentence service. Through its programs, the Adult Probation Department provides the court with pertinent information at many stages of the criminal justices process, enhances public safety, compensates victims of crime an hold offenders accountable while affording them opportunities to make positive changes in their live.

The majority of Adult Probation Department resources are dedicated to probation supervision – a sentencing option in which individuals are required to comply with specific conditions of supervision while residing in the community. Department probation officers assist individuals in complying with their sentences through guidance, surveillance and referrals to service providers for treatment, education and employment services.

Probation supervision provides an important means for compensating victims of crime and the community as a whole. During 2021, the Adult Probation Department collected nearly $1.4 million in victim restitution. Also, probationers complete thousands of hours in community service each year.

The Adult Probation Department receives nearly 8,500 new probation supervision cases annually and has an active caseload of approximately 13,000 probationers. Approximately, 84 percent of probationers are assigned to standard caseload supervision, while 16 percent are supervised in specialized programs for specific probationer populations. These programs include the Sex Offender Program, Domestic Violence Supervision, the Mental Health Unit, and Problem-Solving Courts for veterans and persons in need of drug treatment or mental health services.

The department’s Pretrial Services Division supervises more than 14,000 defendants released on bond each year. Pretrial officers assist individuals in meeting court mandates and report to court when individuals fail to comply with conditions of their release. The Division also conducts pre-bond interviews to assist the courts in making decisions about bond/pretrial supervision.

The department’s Investigation Division prepares presentence reports to assist the court in making decisions about sentencing.

The department’s Home Confinement Unit monitors curfews of individuals on probation and pretrial supervision through radio frequency electronic monitoring and monitors individuals charged with or convicted of certain domestic violence offenses using Global Positioning System technology.

Established in 1911, the Adult Probation Department is the largest probation agency in Illinois and the largest probation agency in the United States accredited by the American Correctional Association. The Department operates out of 12 office locations and has approximately 600 employees.

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