Community-Based Transitional Services for Female Offenders Program

The Social Service Department strongly supports the use of services that meet the specialized needs of female offenders.  This is a new approach that contrasts with the traditional treatment modalities and various offender interventions that are based upon the needs of men.  There are few proven interventions in community corrections that are specific to women’s needs, so the department has designed a program that focuses on gender-responsive approaches.  These approaches include providing therapeutically oriented interventions to female offenders, referrals for court-ordered treatment that are gender specific, and assisting female offenders with other practical needs.  

Every female offender supervised by the Community-Based Transitional Services for Female Offender’s Program is required to complete an outpatient or intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program.  Treatment consists of requirements identified in the female offender’s initial Uniform Report, supported by court order that identifies treatment requirements promulgated by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse.  Treatment requirements for offenders assigned to the Social Service Department include level II (Significant) and level III (High).  Level II treatment consists of ten (10) hours of remedial education and twenty (20) hours of substance abuse counseling combined with six (6) hours of aftercare.  Level III treatment consists of seventy-five (75) hours of substance abuse treatment plus six (6) hours of aftercare. 


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