Drug Treatment Court Program   

Drug Treatment Court uses a team approach to intervene in the lives of substance abusing offenders.  The Social Service Department screens, assesses, and monitors offenders on the misdemeanor level. Examples of misdemeanor charges can include, but are not limited to, retail theft, deceptive practices, theft, criminal trespass to property, attempted possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, and possession of cannabis.   

Such offenders do not have as pronounced criminal backgrounds as felony offenders, and eligible candidates must have a strong willingness to participate.  The Drug Treatment Court Program is an intensive, long-term, eighteen months to two years, court-monitored substance abuse treatment oriented program.  Offenders must attend frequent court status hearings with the Drug Treatment Court judge for routine monitoring, sanctioning, and rewards.  The Drug Treatment Court Team, under the guidance and leadership of the Drug Treatment Court judge, conducts staffing hearings prior to each court call to ascertain the offender’s progress. 

Program requirements include participation in short-term residential and/or intensive outpatient treatment, possible recovery home placement, frequent appointments with Social Service Department casework staff, frequent status hearings, support group attendance, and adherence to other goals specified in the plan of treatment such as obtaining a GED or employment.    

Drug Treatment Court graduation ceremonies take place each spring and fall. 



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