Global Position System (GPS) Supervision 

In 2009, new legislation took effect in Illinois that allows the court to order a defendant/probationer charged with or convicted of violating an order of protection to GPS monitoring as a condition of bond/probation/ conditional discharge. 

The GPS Monitoring Program is administered by staff of the Circuit Court of Cook County Social Service Department. Under the program, a stationary exclusionary zone is established around all protected addresses of the complaining witness/victim. A GPS device is affixed to the defendant/probationer who is ordered to maintain a minimum distance of 2,500 feet away from the complaining witness/ victim at all times.  A complaining witness/victim is offered the option to carry a GPS device if he or she wishes to be notified if the defendant/probationer enters an exclusionary zone. If a complaining witness/victim opts to carry the GPS device, he or she is required to carry a cell phone at all times to facilitate notification.  The Social Service Department will provide a cell phone to a complaining witness/victim who does not own one for the duration of the GPS order. 

If the defendant/probationer enters an exclusionary zone, local law enforcement officers are contacted immediately (as well as the complaining witness/victim if he or she opted for notification). The law enforcement officers will respond to the complaining witness/victim’s location to conduct a well-being check and determine if further action is warranted. Social Service Department staff will provide information to the court regarding all violations of the GPS Monitoring Program. 

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