25.4 Referral To Mandatory Arbitration, Procedure

After the defendant(s) answer(s) is/are filed in a case subject to Mandatory Arbitration and after consultation with the parties, the referring Court shall issue a Referral to Mandatory Arbitration Order: 2

a. The Order shall be forwarded to the Administrator, Cook County Mandatory Arbitration Center, 222 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois.

b. The order will list the case name, case number, the names of the attorneys of record, potential witnesses and interested parties.

c. The Order will specify whether the mandatory arbitration will be standard or expedited based on the parties' agreement.

d. The arbitration hearing shall take place 150 days after the date of referral in “standard” arbitrations and 90 days after the date of referral in “expedited” arbitrations.

e. The case will continue before the Court during the first 120 days if it is a “standard” arbitration, or the first 60 days if it is an expedited arbitration.

f. The referring court has discretion to refer cases to Mandatory Arbitration when the damages exceed $50,000, if the Court finds, after consultation with the parties, that the complexity of the case is such that it is amenable to arbitration and if it is not otherwise excluded from Mandatory Arbitration.

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