25.8 Required Documents for the Arbitration Hearing

a. Thirty (30) days prior to the hearing, the parties shall meet, confer and exchange the documents listed herein, including documents a party seeks to have presumptively admitted as provided for in 9 infra, as well as any other documents a party intends to offer at the hearing.

b. Fourteen (14) days prior to the hearing the parties must submit the following documents to the arbitrator:

i. The most current complaint, answer, counterclaim, third party complaint and affirmative defenses and other relevant pleadings;

ii. Each party's detailed statement of the case including the legal and factual issues involved, limited to fifteen (15) pages in length; double spaced;

iii. a list of the witnesses who are expected to testify;

iv. all documents expected or intended to be offered as evidence at the hearing, including those requested to be presumptively admissible pursuant to 9, infra;

v. stipulations as to facts or law;

vi. reports, affidavits or summaries having proper foundation; and

vii. itemization of the damages claimed in the complaint and counterclaim;

c. Failure to submit these required documents or failure to timely submit these required documents may be grounds for a bad faith finding against the delinquent party.

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