25.11 Rejection of the Award

Either party may reject the award if the rejecting party does so within fourteen (14) calendar days after receiving the notice of the award from the Administrator. Thereafter, and on the date specified in the trial court's order of Referral To Mandatory Arbitration, the case will be returned to the trial judge for further proceedings or for the entry of judgment on the award. 6

a. To reject an award, the rejecting party must fully complete a Rejection Form and file it with the. Clerk of the Circuit Court in Room 801, Richard J. Daley Center accompanied by a $750 rejection fee.

b. The Rejection Form shall contain the case name and number, the arbitrator's name, date of the arbitration hearing, date and amount of the award and must be signed the rejecting party and by the rejecting party’s attorney of record.

c. Failure to timely and properly reject the Award as provided herein will constitute a waiver of the party’s right of rejection.

d. If the party rejecting the award fails to obtain a better result at trial. The party rejecting the Award shall pay the other party’s reasonable legal fees incurred in connection with the arbitration, which must be submitted by both parties at the arbitration hearing pursuant to Paragraph 9k supra .

e. After trial of the case, the Supervising Judge, Mandatory Arbitration will rule on whether the fees are submitted under Paragraph 9(k) supra are reasonable, pursuant to a motion properly noticed.

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