Help Desks in the Courthouse

Richard J. Daley Center
50 West Washington Street
Chicago, IL 60602
No phone
No appointments, first come, first served
Hours: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., Monday through Friday, except court holidays

• Uncontested divorces

• Free legal consultations on simple family matters such as custody and visitation issues for low-income clients who cannot afford the services of an attorney

• Assistance in resolving issues after the entry of a divorce order

The Domestic Relations Advice Desk is staffed by attorneys from CARPLS (Coordinated Advice and Referral Program for Legal Services). In some cases, the CARPLS attorneys can draft documents for litigants who have eligible cases; however they do not represent litigants in court and cannot offer ongoing services in contested cases.  The purpose of the Advice Desk is to help people represent themselves in court on simple family matters and to resolve issues after the entry of a divorce order, called a judgment of dissolution.  Litigants should bring any relevant court documents with them.

The Domestic Relations Advice Desk is administered by CARPLS.

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