Help Desks in the Courthouse

Richard J. Daley Center

12th floor, Room 1202

50 West Washington Street

Chicago, IL 60602

No phone

No appointments, first come, first served

Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except court holidays

(Pro se petitioners seeking assistance should arrive by 11:00 am.)

  • for petitions to obtain guardianship of an adult with a disability or disabilities
  • Free assistance with court forms and procedures such as scheduling a hearing, service of summons and notice

Volunteer attorneys at the Pro Se Adult Guardianship Help Desk provide information and assistance to people without lawyers who are representing themselves in court (also known as pro se litigants) on petitions to obtain guardianship of an adult with a disability or  disabilities and appointment of a guardian of the person for that adult.  Staff at the Help Desk are not able to assist pro se litigants with guardianship proceedings in which appointment of a guardian of the estate will be required or which are likely to be contested.  Staff do not provide legal advice and do not represent petitioners in court.  Persons who require legal advice or legal representation are referred to legal aid organizations and lawyer referral services.

The Adult Guardianship Help Desk is administered by the Center for Disability and Elder Law, Inc.

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