If you have received a summons for jury service and have a disability other than deafness or hard of hearing, a request for accommodation or services shall be made 14 days in advance of the day you are scheduled to report for jury service, whenever possible.  The request shall be made as specific as possible and include a description of the accommodation sought and the date and location where the accommodation is needed. 

The request shall be made using a Request for Accommodation Form.

Mail the request to:

Disability Coordinator, Office of Jury Administration
50 West Washington Street, Suite 1000
Chicago, Illinois 60602 

Or the request may be sent via facsimile to (312) 603-5460.

The Disability Coordinator shall respond in writing, and, where appropriate, in a format accessible to the requestor within seven (7) days from the date the request was received.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have received a summons for jury service, please select the tab “Deaf or Hard of Hearing.”

For questions, the Office of Jury Administration:

(312) 603-5879
(312) 603-1914  (TTY)

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