Children’s Advocacy Room at the Juvenile Center
Juvenile Justice Division and Child Protection Division
1100 South Hamilton, Main Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60612
(312) 433-5248

The Children’s Advocacy Room at the Juvenile Center opened in 1994 with a theme of art and nature. Children involved in child protection cases enjoy a soothing environment that also stimulates their creativity. Children are captivated by the live dove, fish and dog. Waiting areas also provide activities in play spaces for children as their parents or caregivers wait for their court cases to be called.

The Children's Advocacy Room at the Juvenile Center is also a choice location for family visits that arranged by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and other social service agencies. Appointments must be made in advance to use this children’s room for such visitations.  

Children are accepted ages 2 to 12.  Toddlers must be toilet-trained.

Click here for the Registration and Rules for Parents/Caregivers

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