Registration Procedure

Registration procedures vary slightly at the ten (10) locations.  Please see each location for details. However, the following applies to all Children’s Advocacy Rooms
  • children may leave only with the person who registered them (unless a judge states otherwise); 
  • parents or guardians must not leave the court facilities without their children; and
  • children who are sick with a childhood disease, cold, flu, or fevers will not be accepted.

At intake/registration, it is helpful for parents and guardians to bring court documents which indicate where they must report to conduct court business. These papers confirm that the parent or guardian has court business as well as inform the staff where to locate the parent or guardian in the event of an emergency.

A photo ID (driver’s license or state ID) is required of any caregiver registering a child or children.  It must remain with the registration form until the outtake process has been completed. If an ID is not available, a digital picture will be taken of the parent or guardian. Only the person signing a child in at intake will be permitted to sign a child out unless a ruling by a judge states otherwise.

The Children’s Advocacy Rooms do not discriminate in age, income or geographic limitations. Services are available to all children whose families are involved in cases pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County.  However, children who have committed sexual and other violent crimes are not accepted in the Children’s Advocacy Rooms.

Some Children’s Advocacy Rooms are equipped to care for only children who are between the ages of two (2) years and 12 years. The requirement for two-year-old children is that they must be toilet-trained. If any child requires a diaper change or has an accident, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to attend to the matter.

The following sites accept two-year-old children:

  • The Rhoda S. Bresler Children’s Advocacy Room in the Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Chicago
  • The K. C. Conlon Children’s Advocacy Room at the Markham Courthouse in the Sixth Municipal District court, Markham
  • The Children’s Advocacy Room in the Marriage and Family Counseling Center (Mediation) at 69 West Washington Street, Chicago
  • The Children’s Advocacy Room in the Cook County Juvenile  Temporary Detention Center, 1100 South Hamilton Street, Chicago
  • The Children's Advocacy Room in the Leighton Criminal Court Building, 2600 S. California Ave., Chicago

Exceptions apply only when a judge grants a special request to accept infants.

The following Children’s Advocacy Rooms accept children from infancy to 16 years of age:

  • Domestic Violence Courthouse at 555 West Harrison Street in Chicago F
  • Second Municipal District court facility in Skokie
  • Third Municipal District court facility in Rolling Meadows
  • Fourth Municipal District court facility in Maywood
  • Fifth Municipal District court facility in Bridgeview

The following Children’s Advocacy Room accepts children 2 to 18:  Mediators interview all children in the household as well as observe children and parent/guardian interactions.

  • Marriage and Family Counseling Center (Mediation) at 69 W. Washington, Chicago

The following Children's Advocacy Rooms facilitate observations as well as sibling and family visits.  These sites accept children from infancy to 18 years of age:

  • Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, Chicago
  • Third Municipal District court facility in Rolling Meadows

Staff may use discretion at all times concerning registration.  Please see the General Rules which are provided to parents and guardians at each location during intake.

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